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Life Hacks

I love life hacks. Did you know your Dorito bag can be made into a bowl? Or your chicken nugget holder can carry your condiments? Neither of these have helped me because I don’t eat either of these things. I did try a thing with a pineapple once that was supposed to make it easier to access, but it was an epic fail on my end, (rip SpongeBob’s house).

Anywhoo, I have one that can be super helpful in hacking your stress response system (aka nervous

system). First, did you know that most of us spend almost all our time in a stress response? Our bodies are reacting to our thoughts all the time, and it is getting us ready to either handle things, shut down, or get away. Our lives are a constant stream of content and thinking and doing. It leaves our body exhausted, even when there is really no danger or threat.

Life doesn’t come in with built in pauses anymore, we MUST make them for ourselves.

So here’s the life hack: Intention

Move through your day more intentionally. When you take a shower, take it with the intention of washing away your day, as a loving way to take care of yourself. Make your lunch with appreciation that you are nourishing yourself. Just thinking of this allows your body to relax. Then notice what things you do that do bring a sense of peace, or of happiness, or contentment, and do more of those things.

Choose ways to spend your time that will uplift you. For me it is being outside or snuggling up with a

book. Our bodies just need a little attention to feel comfortable, without some positives we end up

overwhelmed messes. Use your thoughts to give yourself some love and a break.


Tina Landeen

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