• Tina Landeen, LCSW

Bad parenting skills, we've all got'em

I just had a day. The one that no one likes to admit to. When the adoration and love you have for your child is eclipsed momentarily by the frustration of wanting them to just behave differently than they are right then at that very moment. These days come to all of us. I was short, I was biting, I was not at my best.

It also reminded me how difficult it must be for parents of the kids I work with to have their not so great moments broadcast to me in session, and then processed with me afterward. I always try, but I hope that what I am relaying to my parents in those moments is, “Hey, we’ve all been there.”

Parenting is hard. There are a lot of manuals and advice, but day to day things don’t always work out like that. The rough days remind me that of all the behavior strategies and parenting tips, there is what I think is the most important thing, and it has nothing to do with the kids.

Take care of yourself. Just do it. It’s not being selfish, it’s not a luxury. Take care of yourself. Period. You can not be the parent you want to be if you are struggling with yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically, or any other way. You will over react, you will under react, you will not be your best self. That is what your child needs the most. You healthy.

So I was reminded today, to back things up and to re-

balance. I hope next time you’re in the struggle, you remember too.

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