• Tina Landeen, LCSW

Check yourself, before you leave on a train of anxiety-producing, depression-evoking, fear-mongering

Thinking too much is a problem. That may sound dumb. Thinking is good, and it can certainly be argued that some people do not think enough…(no names), hang with me here, though.

I mostly come across people who are just thinkers. They think about everything and everyone. They think about things that already happened, that are happening now, that may or may not happen in the future. They think about those thoughts, and what others had told them about those thoughts, and what they’ve read open the internet about their thinking, or worst WebMD and they have new thoughts to worry about from those thoughts…it’s exhausting.

And if you think enough about anything, you will think up a problem or a something that could go wrong, and then you have anxiety, and if there’s nothing you can do about it, that will lead you to depression, and then you’ll feel guilty about having all these feelings and start getting down on yourself, and so on and so forth….

It made me tired to even write all of that. Of course, we can’t just shut our minds off, although there are ways to slow them down, but thinkers usually run screaming when suggestions of meditation and mindfulness arise.

So, here is one thing you can do to start practicing kicking some thoughts to the curb…

Ask yourself, “Is that true?”

That’s it.

To easy?

Don’t get it?

Here’s an example,

“I can’t take one more day of this.”

Is that true?

“Yes, I’m going to lose my mind.”

Is that true.

“Well, no.”

And is it true you can’t take ONE more day? Even though you’ve already been doing it for a year now?

“Well, no. Technically, I can.”

Here’s another one,

“I’m doomed to fail.”

Is that true? You have never succeeded at anything?

It may sound pointless. It’s true, it doesn’t solve your problems, but here’s a newsflash: neither does all the worrying, thinking, planning, etc.

So, challenge yourself to challenge yourself. Try the next time your thought train leaves the station. It may keep you from derailing.

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