• Tina Landeen, LCSW

Be an OPTOMETRIST, not a pessimist

It’s a misspoken sentiment from a show that I shouldn't be watching, but the thirteen year old boy in me finds it so funny. The idea though is precious. It is not in human nature to look for the good everywhere. Indeed, our hind brain is designed to constantly be on the look out for danger, scanning our environment for threats. That is really why we look for the bad things first, it's key to our survival. Then there are other areas of our brain, our limbic system, our prefrontal cortex, that can modulate this instinctual reaction and help us to start looking for other things. The silver linings, the hard-fought lessons, the serendipitous forces that move us to an unexpected but sometimes better path. Training your mind to see these things is one of the keys to moving from a state of anxiety and constant fear, to a place of love and gratitude. It's a point of view you don't have to be an optometrist to practice.

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