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It’s one of the gifts I receive from my career in social work. I am always humbled when I am asked to move into someone’s life, sometimes on the worst day of their life, and offer comfort and support. I have witnessed many heart-wrenching moments. I’ve had to catch my breath at the intensity of the pain I am invited to share. While most people would understandably run from this, I am honored to hold space for those people, to allow them to feel safe, to start inching them toward healing. And when that healing comes, when you get to see triumphs, I am moved to tears as I see accomplishments one may have never thought would happen.

Yes, it’s just that cool. The gift of all of this is that perspective. The knowledge that we are all essentially fighting the same battles, to connect, to be happy, to matter. It gets really hard and sometimes pretty ugly, but we are never alone. Even at our loneliest, there are the energies and ancestors of past struggles by our side. It is perspective that reminds me that no matter how dark a situation may seem, there is always light that follows. There are always rainbows somewhere after the rain and the search for them is part of the healing. No one is alone.

It’s hard to make out, but I took this picture on my way to Orlando to do trauma counseling after the Pulse nightclub shooting. Admittedly a bit anxious about the pain I would be walking into, a rainbow appeared over the city as I was approaching. It gave me perspective, on a day I sorely needed it.

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