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My Harmony Therapy Boca Raton Top Psychotherapy for Adults Adolescents and Children

Psychotherapy for Adults Adolescents and Children

My Harmony Therapy Office space

“I can tell  she cares about my situation and has ideas about how to help. Very supportive. Grateful for the sound tools she gave me which I use every day. She is a blessing and I would recommend her to anyone. Wish I had found her sooner.”

What to expect at your visit

Your first visit is an opportunity for us to see if we will work well together.

I explore your concerns and learn a little about you in our first session, and you will learn about me and the way I work.

Come with questions or without knowing where to start, both are fine.

The most important part of therapy is the relationship, so I want to make you as comfortable with the process as possible. 

If you’re bringing your child in for therapy:

I will talk with you by phone a bit before the session to address concerns, but that first session is for them. My job is to build rapport with them and get a feeling of how they see the world.  Sometimes they have their own perception of how things are.

I will meet with them once or twice and then have a planning session where I am getting more information from you and coming up with goals and a treatment plan.

Therapy in Action



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